Shenehon Company provides appraisals, analyses and consulting to solve complex valuation problems

When you need a reliable market value for your business or property, or are facing a critical decision impacting your assets or business operation, you want accurate information and insightful advice from the most credible source. Shenehon Company is a unique full-service appraisal firm—we have expertise in commercial real estate appraisals and business valuations, with unsurpassed knowledge about the markets and trends. Our competency in both business and real estate valuations makes Shenehon qualified to handle complicated, multi-faceted assignments. Shenehon has a long history of strategically applying our broad experience and skills to help business and property owners throughout the United States navigate valuation issues of all types. Our clients rely on Shenehon Company when making important real estate and business decisions. They look to information in our thoroughly researched, supportable valuations and our consulting analyses with recommendations for practical guidance.

At some point, you will need a valuation. You may want to sell, purchase or gift a property or business, or you may require a market value due to a tax situation or shareholder dispute. It may be a family matter such as estate settlement or marital dissolution that prompts your need for an appraisal. Whatever your valuation problem, Shenehon is able to offer assistance.

Experienced and Dedicated

Shenehon Company appraisers have more than 150 years of appraisal experience and are qualified to prepare valuations on all types of properties and enterprises. We are dedicated to providing every client with a quality valuation and exceptional service. It’s just how we do business.