Shenehon Company provides business valuation and commercial real estate appraisal services throughout the United States

Our expertise in business valuations and commercial real estate appraisals makes Shenehon Company uniquely qualified to tackle the complex valuation challenges your business might be facing. We offer analysis, values and insights that you need to make knowledgeable business decisions.

Shenehon Company has roots dating back to 1929 and has earned a reputation as a leading appraisal firm in the Midwest and throughout the United States. Shenehon Company appraisers have more than 150 years of experience preparing business valuations for operating and holding companies, developing appraisals for commercial real estate properties of all types, and providing litigation support and specialized consulting services for both business and real estate projects.

Shenehon appraisers handle all levels of valuations: from the routine to complex assignments that are certain to head to litigation. Our firm often plays a pivotal role preparing clients for court proceedings and has earned a reputation for high-quality litigation assistance and expert witness services. Several senior Shenehon staff members have been involved in landmark court decisions.

Clients return to us year after year for current values and assistance with unique valuation projects that require advanced skill and knowledge. Every client can be assured of receiving the highest level of attention from Shenehon Company appraisers— it’s just how we operate.

Areas of expertise:

Business Valuations
Commercial Real Estate Appraisals
Business Valuation Support Services
Real Estate Appraisal Support Services