Investment Properties: Valuing Partially Completed Construction Projects – By Robert H. Brown

Appraising investment properties which are incomplete is complicated in the best of times. Developing a reliable valuation in the current economic downturn requires attention to detail and methodology. Shenehon Company has provided fair market values of partially completed residential, industrial, office and retail projects in various stages of development ranging from footings-only-in-place to a nearly […]

The Real Estate Investment Market

By: John T. Schmick Investment real estate encompasses a broad range of real property types. Transactions often involve large properties bought and sold by institutional investors at the national level or in a national investment market. Participants include pension funds, investment advisers, insurance companies, and investment banks. In general, these are buyers and sellers that […]

Summary of: State of Minnesota vs. Union Pacific Railroad, et al.

By: Christopher J. Stockness Court File No. 27-CV-07-20490, Fourth Judicial District Court In the above matter, State of Minnesota vs. Union Pacific Railroad, et al., Shenehon Company aided Malkerson Gilliland Martin LLP in successfully obtaining a reasonable damage award for the property owner. The Commissioners’ findings, dated December 23, 2008 and filed on January 5, […]

How is Value Created? – By Clayton J. Shultz

The time-honored understanding of the purpose of a business is that it exists to maximize the wealth of its shareholders. Despite much agreement on this definition, there is relatively little agreement on how firms should go about maximizing this wealth. In fact, this is perhaps what makes business such a dynamic endeavor. This article focuses […]