Valuing Companies and Real Estate During COVID-19

by Madeline Strachota Assumptions about the future are at the heart of valuation. Despite being a largely quantitative process, valuing a company or real estate relies on professional judgement and expectations about the future. The 2020 Global Pandemic is unlike any other economic crisis and poses unique valuation challenges. Sure, it has similarities to the […]

Economic Forecast 2020

by Madeline Strachota A Bet on the Economy Just like the outcome of the World Series, if a person could predict the future of the economy, they would be a very wealthy individual. In the same way that player statistics and game record narrow down the contenders for the World Series, especially as each season […]

Market Insights: Condominiums

by Brock Boatman They are kind of happening! So far in 2019 we have heard the announcements of some interesting and exciting new projects. TMBR, in the North Loop, would be the Twin Cities’ first high-rise timber-construction residential building, following the T3 Building’s innovative construction technique. Additionally, the top of the luxury market is being […]

Market Insights: Opportunity Zones

by Brock Boatman The Opportunity Zone program has not seemed to set the world on fire like some predicted. Yet. Most developers and investors appear to have the same sentiment – the tax break is nice, but really, it is just gravy; a deal still has to work on its own. But even with the […]

Market Insights: Household Debt

by Cody Lindman Over the past year, all forms of U.S. household debt have increased, with aggregate U.S. household debt reaching $13.95 trillion for the third quarter of 2019, an increase of $440 billion compared to a year prior. However, delinquency rates have held relatively constant over the past year. People between the ages of […]

Market Insights: Apartment Market

by H. Ellis Beck Usually, holidays don’t have much impact on the health of a market, but when analyzing the Twin Cities apartment market, my thoughts turn to Groundhog Day. Yet again, the local apartment market had an extremely solid year, adding inventory and successfully leasing up that new space while rental rates grew. However, […]