State of the Real Estate Market Highlights

by Robert Strachota For the past 10 years or so, the U.S. and Minnesota economies have experienced record-breaking expansion. At the same time, debt is up but the delinquency rate on debt is low. For Minnesota, unemployment is low, wages and income are strong, and the job market is diverse. These are all good signs, […]

Minneapolis Mulls Renter Protections

by Brock Boatman Housing is one of the largest challenges facing communities across the country, particularly providing housing for those in lower- and middle-income brackets. One of the ways in which these groups are being affected is by the common purchase and repositioning of Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (“NOAH”). In an effort to preserve NOAH, […]

Spotlight on South Loop

By H. Ellis Beck Throughout its history, the northeastern portion of Bloomington, Minnesota has been home to plenty of notable developments.  This corner of a second-ring suburb, sandwiched between the Minnesota River and major highways, has hosted farms, a wildlife refuge, a professional football and baseball stadium, a professional hockey and basketball arena, huge surface […]

Waterfalls and Hurdle Rates in Real Estate Private Equity

By Madeline M. Strachota What is better—tiered returns or pari passu? It’s up to you. Private equity organizational structures have various merits and demerits.  As appraisers, we see a variety of entity structures—partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), corporations—all organized in different ways, which makes understanding the governing documents of an entity essential to understanding the […]

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Banks

by Cody J. Lindman Like Dutch Tulip Mania during the 17th century, the price of a single Bitcoin increased astronomically during 2017, starting the year at $998 per Bitcoin before eventually peaking at $19,666.  However, in 2018, Bitcoin’s luck ran out, with the price of a single Bitcoin declining to $3,747 as of January 1, 2019, […]

Waving, not Drowning

by Brock L. Boatman Physical retail is not dead, and it is not dying.  Online retailing is not so much a killer of the mall as we know it, but more like a personal trainer:  it’s pushing existing product to adapt, and the owners and locations that are willing to do the work will emerge stronger […]